Taj Mahal – Incredible

IMG_4509We embarked on the short drive to the Taj Mahal this morning.   Leaving our nearly new hotel the first thing I noticed was the rubble across the street highlighting the dichotomy of what I was about to see with want was staring at me.  We were back on the narrow roads until the bus could no longer get through.  Onto rickshaws, 3-4 in each was an adventure in itself.   Monkeys, camels and dogs lined the roads.  Security was tight but not overbearing as we made our way to gates.  Once getting into the complex my first thought IMG_4605 (1)was it’s sheer size and beauty made it look like a painting set on a canvas outlined by the morning haze in the air.   Stunning for sure.   To think this is a marble mausoleum built in the 17th century, without the help of modern day construction, makes the impact that much more impressive.   I will never forget this day as I carry forward what the human spirit can achieve when one’s will overcomes hurdles, no matter how large.

As we transition from the physical beauties of India to visiting schools on Monday, I am excited to start my learning about the education system in this fascinating country.



PS.  I was asked about the pictures in my last blog.   All of the pictures I am sharing on this site are taken with a Canon 70D/18-135mm lens.

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