Getting acclimated

On the first full day in this beautiful country with some of the most friendly people I’ve ever encountered, I felt overwhelmed with the sights and sounds that surrounded me. The blast of warm, humid air as it hit me. The constant cacophony of car horns and bustling people. The vibrant, beautiful saris that drape the Indian women. The green parrots, roaming cows, wild dogs and camels. The constant smell of smoke and the haze-filled views. The endless traffic with cars, motorcycles, rickshaws, bicyclists, pedestrians and more. But most of all, the beautiful smiles of Indians who are proud to share their country, life and heritage with others.

Today was a perfect first day to spend time getting grounded in some of the realities of life in this country. I look forward to learning more about policies and goals for the education system in a country that has a very different culture than our own.


Children_Agra Saris Traffic

2 thoughts on “Getting acclimated

  1. How scary that looks to have bicyclists, cars, and big tankers all going in the same directions and so close to each other. That would never fly here.


  2. Beautiful – the people are so gorgeous – both inside and out. I love seeing the pics and hearing about your experiences with these beautiful people.


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